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    CARREFOUR Middle East selects Holy-Dis’ HR planning solutions to optimize employee’s schedules

    Carrefour EAUMajid Al Futtaim Retail Group has decided to use Planexa®, an HR planning solution, in 30 of their 60 Carrefour franchise hypermarkets. This solution has been selected as a key element in a period of high growth requiring the use of the best tools to best optimize customer service. To start, the stores in Bahreïn, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE (5 countries of GCC –Gulf Cooperation Council) will use this HR planning solution to optimize the scheduling process.

    Carrefour Moyen OrientPlanning process: Planexa® (Holy-Dis)
    Interface with the checkout system: IBM

    The right Person, with the right Skill, in the right Place at the right Time

    After a few weeks pilot run, end of 2013, in a hypermarket considered as a reference in regard with the regional context (Carrefour MOE – Mall of The Emirates) the Majid Al Futtaim Retail Group decided to go ahead in implementing Planexa®. This software is de facto THE solution for optimized scheduling of activities and corresponding human resources – Workforce Management for all of the GCC Carrefour Hypermarkets.

    All the operational and legal requirements related to the industry have been addressed thanks to the flexibility and the numerous setting combinations offered by Planexa®: working days, opening hours, meal breaks, labor laws and regulations, company & management patterns…

    This project came to life based on a simple assessment: Majid Al Futtaim Retail Group needed to enhance the professionalization of its HR organization, especially for what refers to workforce management (forecasting, sizing and scheduling). This project answered significant issues, both strategic and tactical.
    Short term, Planexa® will enable to:

    • Better control the HR costs and the efficiency
    • Respect customer’s Commitments as defined by Carrefour Retail Group
    • Increase store’s sales
    • Retain employees and favor a corporate social responsibility commitment
    • Comply with labor regulations.
    Centre commercial Carrefour Dubai « Make the resources meet the needs while being compliant with the legal rules and the high level of Carrefour customer’s expectations, these are the main goals to achieve with the implementation of Planexa® – HR planning solution- within Carrefour Middle East.»

    Planexa®, or «How to create quickly optimized schedules?»

    It is a difficult task to plan schedules in the Retail sector due to all the existing constraints: heavy variation of activity levels (footfall?, fluctuating activity according to time/weekday), skills, multiple tasks, various contracts, wide opening hours, legal obligations (labor law, collective agreement…) and individual constraints (breaks, holidays, desiderata…).

    Planexa® automatically calculates forecast workloads, based on any type of historical activity measure (turnover, number of customers, number of articles, etc.). In addition, the software provides a wide array of data for each staff member including availabilities, skills and individual desiderata. Planexa® also manages all the constraints related to Carrefour’s overall activity framework, labor law enforcement, equity and expected flexibility levels. Today, this schedule simulation and analysis tool is the most efficient professional answer to manage and optimize staff schedules (from a yearly basis to a 15 minutes minimal frame) in a multicultural environment. Planexa® is available in 5 languages.

    Holy-Dis’ HR planning solutions are THE reference for the Food Retail sector and are implemented around more than 2,000 hyper/super stores worldwide, among which 100% of Top 10 French hypermarket groups: Auchan, Carrefour (consolidated and franchised), Centre Leclerc, Cora, Delhaize, Géant Casino, Intermarché, Migros, Supsa, Système U, Jumbo, Leader Price…

    More about Majid Al Futtaim Retail Hypermarkets LLC & Carrefour around the world

    The Majid Al Futtaim retail group, based in Dubai, is an exclusive Carrefour franchised partner with a total of 117 stores, among which 60 hypermarkets, 56 Carrefour Market and 1 Web Store spread throughout 14 countries.
    It is the biggest « retailer » in the Middle East: its 21,000 employees from 68 different nationalities care for over 160M visitors yearly.

    Carrefour Group: number 2 in global retail sector – figures

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